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Since 1975 the Waters' family has been proudly selling the best in recreational and light commercial fishing seines.  Goseining.com has been owned and operated by myself, a 3rd generation since 2008.  I have continued the tradition my grandfather began as well as expanded my lineup to help everyone find their right fit.  4-H clubs, fishing farms, the North Cascades Institute in WA, even The Bronx Zoo have found their seine from right here.  Whether you are seining the coast, a lake or cleaning a pond I can and will accomodate you.  If there are any questions, then do not hesitate to call.  ~Steve Waters II

For more information on Goseining.com or what exactly is seining, visit the More About Goseining.com page.  For instructions on seining, state regulation guides, and more check out the Regulations, Tips & PDF's page.

Seines currently offerered in 1/4", 1/2", 5/8", 1" & 1 1/4" square mesh with depths from 4'-12'!

Every seine I carry is GA legal.  I have seines for SC as well as FL regulations.  Most other state's laws adhere to the sizes I carry in stock.

Ordering has changed, when you are ready to place an order, click Purchase Your Seine or call for more available sizes.


Monofilament Seines

(Shrimp Seines found here)

Nylon Seines

(FL Legal)

monofilament seine

Monofilament Seines are the most popular option and they are currently held in two mesh sizes and strengths, and four different depths.

  • Monofilament seines don't retain water making them easier to pull
  • Easiy to clean!
  • Most popular as shrimp seines for the Eastern Coast!
  • Reccomended for pond cleaning


nylon seine

Nylon seines come in three different strengths and three different depths.  All in stock nylon seines have a 1" square mesh keeping them perfect for FL regulations.  Also have 1/2" available as well.

70'x7' & 100'x5' are the two most popular sizes for FL regulations and are made with a #208 multifilament nylon.  Also #9 nylon is available as the most durable seine I carry.

Special Orders

special order seines

Don't see anything in stock that fits your needs? Then let me special order something for you.



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